10 Resolutions That Will Boost the Value of Your Company

Business owner posing with employees

Boost Your Company’s Value with These 10 Strategies


If your objective is to increase the value of your company, take charge.


Shift from Chasing Revenue: Understand that a larger company does not necessarily equate to a more valuable one. Avoid relying on products or services that heavily depend on your personal involvement for delivery.


Implement Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys: Engage your customers through NPS surveys to gather feedback quickly. This method not only provides valuable insights but also predicts your company’s future growth.


Focus on Selling to a Niche Market: Concentrate on a defendable niche and offer a few unique products and services to a broad customer base. Valuable companies target many customers with differentiated offerings, while less valuable ones sell numerous undifferentiated products to a limited buyer group.


Eliminate Time- and Cash-Draining Offerings: Assess and discontinue products or services that require excessive time and financial resources without contributing significantly to your business’s overall value.


Prioritize Upfront Payment: Optimize your cash flow by collecting more payments upfront. This shift from a negative to a positive cash flow cycle not only boosts your company’s value but also reduces stress.


Cultivate Recurring Revenue Streams: Increase the predictability of your sales by developing recurring revenue models, such as subscriptions or contracts. This approach minimizes short-term stress and enhances the long-term value of your business.


Emphasize Differentiation: Fine-tune your marketing strategy to highlight the unique aspects of your offerings that customers truly value. Continuously reinforce and promote this advantage to set your business apart from competitors.


Establish Backup Suppliers: Mitigate the risk of relying solely on a single supplier for critical raw materials. Consider building relationships with alternative suppliers to diversify your supply chain and ensure continuity of operations.


Foster Ownership Thinking: Encourage your employees to think like owners by responding to their questions with “What would you do if you owned the business?” This mindset shift empowers them to find solutions independently, reducing dependence on your guidance.


Document Important Processes: Create an instruction manual that documents crucial processes within your company. This enables your employees to perform their tasks autonomously and ensures smooth operations even when you’re not directly involved.


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