Sell Your Business

Are you looking to sell your business?

Selling a business can be a complex and lengthy process, especially without a licensed business broker to guide you throughout every step. At Investment Business Brokers we specialize in selling businesses in Dallas, Ft Worth, and all of Texas. It is our passion to help business owners find the right buyer and create a successful sale that brings success to both buyer and seller. 

Did you know that only 37% of businesses are able to sell once it put on the market? At Investment Business Brokers, we are equipped with professionals who develop custom and highly effective strategies for each business that comes our way. For this reason, we are proud to have a 93% successful closing average for our clients. 

No business is too small or too big for Investment Business Brokers. Our firm has extensive experience from small family businesses to big corporations and everything in between. With our personalized approach and attention to detail, we create a plan before even listing a business in order to ensure the best showcase for prospective buyers. 

If you are considering selling your business, please contact our office to learn about our services today. We offer a complimentary business value assessment prior to any commitment.